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Cadex Ladder Reel - (Shipping Not Included)

SKU: C.A1-LR-995.C

The Cadex Ladder Reel gives the user the capability to rapidly deploy their cable type assault ladder. It holds up to 15 meters of cable type ladders, such as the Yates Special Ops Ladder. Its small size permits the ladder to be stowed in a compact package for transport to the entry site, and also provides the user with a quick recovery system for their ladders. In operation the reel provides the user tangle free ladder deployment, preventing cable ladders from becoming kinked, helping ladder life. It features knurling on the handles to provide non-slip holding surfaces for positive control when in use. Made for reliability under extreme conditions, the Cadex Ladder Reel is designed to be low maintenance and provide the user a long life-cycle. The Cadex Ladder Reel is produced of aluminum and composite, with a long lasting finish which is highly resistant to salt spray conditions of maritime operations. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the Cadex Ladder Reel is an excellent complement to the best assault ladder kits. Shipping costs are not included with initial purchase. A shipping cost will be determined and forwarded for payment prior to release of the product from the distribution center.

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