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Cadex Pole Ladder - Complete w/o Case - (Shipping Not Included)

SKU: C.A1-2213C.C

Kit comprises one hook assembly and 5 pole sections. The Pole Ladder is designed and manufactured by Cadex. The Cadex Pole Ladder System is a modular ladder designed to provide assault personnel with a tool for fast entry of ships & portable scalabliity of most obstacles and buildings. The basic kit is comprised of one hook and 5 pole sections. The hook is a strong, lightweight assembly easily folded by pressing the releases on each side of the hook. Featuring stainless steel spikes and 8 of clearance the hook will attach securely to most surfaces. Different spike lengths are available. The pole sections and hook assemble quickly, making this ladder extremely portable and compact for transport to the mission. Shipping costs are not included with initial purchase. A shipping cost will be determined and forwarded for payment prior to release of the product from the distribution center.

Price: $9,337.14


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