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12" Permanent Laser Rangefinder Target by nVisti


The nVisti 12" permanent target is ideal for alignment of a weapons mounted laser rangefinder. The highly reflective surfaces permit a user to visibly see the laser spot, in full daylight, past 1500 meters. With its broadband reflectivity, the nVisti target is useable with visible, NIR and SWIR lasers. The rugged construction makes the nVisti target durable enough to be permanently mounted for use in any weather. The 12" target is recommended for alignment use inside and up to 500 meters. This target enables rapid alignment of a laser rangefinder (LRF) to a riflescope using the LRF's built-in visible laser. By performing both the coarse and fine alignment, all parallax is eliminated between the riflescope and LRF, maximizing LRF performance. Product Dimensions: 12" x 12" This is not a shooting target. The result of shooting a bullet at this target will result in permanent damage and will not be returnable/refundable.

Price: $139.95


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