Training Courses

Accuracy 1st has worked with Marine Corps and SOF snipers. We structure training to fit the needs of the client. We have two facilities, one in the panhandle of Texas and the other in the SE corner of Utah. The Utah facility offers one of the few true high angle shooting ranges in the nation. High angle at long range is hard to find. Wind is the primary reason we miss at long range. This is the reason I picked these two facilities. The Texas facility offers excellent training in a high wind environment with terrain features. It also features a 1000 meter 360 degree range on 1 of its six ranges.

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Military Courses

  • Basic Sniper
  • Advanced Sniper
  • High Angle
  • Instructor Classes
  • Designated Marksmen
  • Ballistic software training

Military Classes are not currently available for online booking and are limited to Active Military Personel. Please call 806-323-9195 or email todd@accuracy1st.com for more information on booking.

Civilian Courses

  • Long Range 1
  • Long Range 2
  • Long Range 1 & 2
  • Long Range 2 - Advanced

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Law Enforcement Courses

Coming Soon

Law Enforcement classes are not currently available for online booking and are limited to Law Enforcement Personel. Please call 806-323-9195 or email colby@accuracy1st.com for more information on booking.


"I have been a Marine Corps Scout Sniper for over 16 years, have attended many military and civilian sniper courses, and have served as a Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon Chief Scout Sniper and Chief Instructor of the 1st Special Operations Training Group Urban Sniper Course. Accuracy First provided the finest sniper marksmanship that I have experienced. Todd Hodnett is not only an incredible shooter but is also one of the finest instructors that I have met. His understanding of the factors affecting long range shooting and his ability to teach at the various levels of his students is second to none, while his instruction on the mental aspects of shooting have taken my abilities to a whole new level"

-USMC GySgt John Dailey

"Over the years I've done some great training through the Military, but Todd's one-on-one tutoring and innovative instruction brought my shooting to a new level of precision"

-Sgt Walt Hasser
Scout Sniper, 1st Recon Bn. USMC