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Cadex 870 Tactical Shotgun Butt - (Shipping Not Included)

SKU: C.A1-LB-1486.C

The Cadex Quick Release Butt Adaptor for the Remington 870 provides the operator with a versatile combat/breaching shotgun combination in one weapon. With the customer supplied pistol grip and butt, the shotgun can be quickly configured as a combat or breaching shotgun. The butt release is a push button mechanism that provides positive locking of the butt with no excess movement. The pistol grip adaptor/butt quick release provides different sling mount options for the left or right side sling installation. The customer can select from two types of grip adaptor:

Option A:

- Machined for the reversible sling mounting plate (included in kit), will also accept push button sling swivels (customer supplied). Cadex sling mounting plate accepts conventional slings and hook type sling ends.

Option B:

- Only accepts customer supplied push button sling swivels. No shim included. Once flush plate included. Upon request Cadex can provide a filler piece for the pistol grip housing for use during breaching, which minimizes the likelihood of the shotgun snagging on load bearing gear. The Tactical Shotgun Butt is desinged and manufactured by Cadex, to provide operators a solution to make their shotguns capable over a broad range of scenarios. Shipping costs are not included with initial purchase. A shipping cost will be determined and forwarded for payment prior to release of the product from the distribution center.

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