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Cadex Glass Punch - (Shipping Not Included)

SKU: C.A1-1185.C

The Cadex Glass Punch provides users with a rapid means of breaking glass under different tactical conditions. It is designed to be installed on any firearm equipped with the Mil Std M1913 rail; the punchs length ensures it will protrude far enough for operation without interference from the firearms muzzle. This glass punch incorporates a spring loaded hammer mechanism activated by pressing the punch against the target glass. The Cadex Glass Punch provides a number of advantages over hand-held glass breakers. It permits the operator to keep two hands on their firearm so that it is ready for an engagement after breaking the glass. With the safety of the operator in mind, the use of a weapon mounted glass punch keeps the operators hands and arms away from the breaking glass. The versatile Cadex Glass Punch can provide a means of raking an opponent if less than lethal force is required and it incorporates a Mil Std M1913 rail on its body to permit mounting of other accessories. This durable device is machined from aluminum and stainless steel, anodized for a long lasting finish. The Cadex Glass Punch is designed and manufactured in Canada providing operators with a high grade glass breaking too Shipping costs are not included with initial purchase. A shipping cost will be determined and forwarded for payment prior to release of the product from the distribution center.

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