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Cadex Extra Long Climbing Hook 14

SKU: C.A1-DH-1867.C

The Cadex Extra Long Assault Climbing Hook provides assualters with a versatile tool for use with pole systems to securely position assault ladders. Designed for ladder emplacement on irregularly shaped or rounded surfaces, such as encountered with compound walls, this hook will provide a secure anchor point for the assault ladder. It opens to multiple angles to prodivide 3 surfaces to allow the hook to grab the face, top and rear of different shape surfaces. The hook is adaptable to multiple scenarios, the user can switch the length of the stainless steel teeth to suit the hook to the type of surface the hook will be attached to, and the 3rd section of the hook can be folded away if it isn't required. Designed to stand up to the toughest use, its' light weight body is constructed from 7075-T6 Aluminum, hardware is made of corrosion restiant steel and the stainless steel spikes are extremely resistant to wear or breakage. This hook opens to a large size for use, yet folds up into a compact package for ease of carry. The Extra Long Hook is designed and manufacturered by Cadex to prodvide personnel with a robust tool for their assult team gear. Shipping costs are not included with initial purchase. A shipping cost will be determined and forwarded for payment prior to release of the product from the distribution center.

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