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Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting - Bryan Litz


The objective of the book is to explain the important elements of exterior ballistics so shooters can effectively apply the science to achieve greater success on the range or in the field. The book also offers an original contribution to the long-range shooting sports: experimentally determined Ballistic Coefficient (BC) data for over 225 long range bullets of all popular brands.

Author - Bryan Litz

Bryan Litz earned his Aerospace Engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2002. For the next 6 years, he worked for the US Air Florce on air-to-air missile design, modeling and simulation. In 2008, Bryan became the Chief Ballistician for Berger bullets. Bryan is also a very active and successful long-range shooter having wom numerous regional, national and international championships. Bryan was also instrumental in developing the Whiz Wheel ballistic solver.

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