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Scope Level - Tan Matte Teflon - Including 25.4mm Reducer Ring


The Accuracy 1st Development Group scope level was designed to achieve precise resolution of less than 1° with line increments of 2.5°. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum with glass levels custom designed and manufactured for Accuracy 1st Development Group, our levels are of the highest quality and accuracy. Some scope level manufacturers use plastic housings, air bubbles and subpar glass in their vials. Accuracy 1st utilizes a custom bent, in lieu of a straight vial, designed using medical grade glass with a ceramic ball. The use of the ceramic ball eliminates the inherent flaws associated with air bubble levels, which at higher temperatures and pressure will compromise the bubble size causing level inaccuracies. Typically air bubble levels require 3° to 5° to even register movement; however, the Accuracy 1st custom level will read movement at a minimum of 1° and will extend measurements out to +/- 10°. Need to use your scope level in the dark conditions? Accuracy 1st Development designed the housing to include a separate compartment for tritium vials. Just remove the rubber plug, insert a tritium vial and reinstall the plug. This handy feature was exclusively designed with military night operations in mind, when an operator has limited resources. (Tritium vials not included and not sold via Accuracy 1st Development Group, Inc.) Dupont Teflon® coating is available in dessert tan. For those individuals or groups proposing to continually paint their scope levels, we recommend purchasing the black anodize finish. The anodized finish will help the paint adhere to the housing vs. the Teflon® coating will resist the paint adhering.

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