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Accuracy 1st DG, Inc. - Challenge Coin - Bottle Opener - Dog Tag


The Accuracy 1st Development Group, Inc. challenge coin - bottle opener - dog tag is professionally cut out with great detail and plated in antique silver with roping cut edges. The front side utilizes the new Accuracy 1st logo and the reverse depicts the Horus TReMoR 2 reticle, Accuracy 1st logo and Samurai warrior translations:

  • Toitju - Total Focus
  • Fudojhin - Immovable Mind
  • Ijjha Zetjumei - One Shot One Life
The Accuracy 1st DG, Inc. challenge coin makes a great way to commemorate a special occasion/mission with style and functionality. Measuring 2-1/2" x 1-5/8" the Accuracy 1st DG, Inc. challenge coin opener will fit easily in your pocket or worn as a dog tag necklace.

Price: $18.95


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